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Green Seal Internship Program

Green Seal is currently looking for interns for our various programs. 
To express your interest in an internship please send inquiries to marketing@greenseal.org with your area of interest.


I don't know what I deserved to end up at Green Seal but all I can say is how incredibly fortunate I feel to have been given the opportunity to work here. If you are considering a career in environmental sustainability or simply wish to learn more about this field, Green Seal is where you want to be.
If I had an idea for a new project, the opportunity was always available to me. Green Seal has an environment of openness, education, and continuous improvement. The people at Green Seal make time for their interns. They genuinely care about us.

At Green Seal, I was able to work on meaningful projects such as crafting a white paper for our newest standard for restaurants and the food service industry. This document delved into the environmental issues associate with the food service industry for people who wanted to have a greater understanding of the food service industry's effects on our environment.

- Mac Clevenger, Summer 2014 Intern

Over my time interning at Green Seal, I compiled an extensive list of the industry’s major stakeholders, researched a variety of coatings, conducted a comparison of international ecolabels, collected data on various chemicals of concern, and researched test standards for the revised GS11 and GS-47.

Green Seal challenged me to think critically about the way I consume. I was pushed to grapple with concepts such as chemophobia, green washing, and other issues within the environmental movement.

My internship at Green Seal was truly an incredible experience in that it provided me with both tangible skills and intellectual challenges. I look forward to bringing these with me down whatever path I take in the future.

- Talia Niederman, Summer 2014 Intern