About Green Seal
In celebration of Green Seal’s 25th year and to launch us into the next 25 years, we have established this Club to encourage individuals to contribute to the Green Seal vision and to recognize those individuals that give. Although Green Seal is self-supporting, we are limited to the incremental growth that our fee-for-service model allows. The potential to achieve our mission of greening the marketplace can be enormous with the financial support of generous donors that see the benefits of our work.

 Your gift will help Green Seal:

Expand our standards and certification program to a broader range of consumer product and service categories

   Increase awareness of Green Seal in the marketplace through promotion, social media, and events
  Educate consumers, producers, and retailers about their role in transitioning to a green economy
  Expand our reach in geographic areas of high sustainability potential, such as southern California and New York

Contributions Levels

$500+       Supporter 

$1,000+    Sustainer 

$5,000+    Leader 

$10,000+  President’s Circle

$25,000+  Market Transformer

Current Members
Market Transformer



The Shulsky Foundation

Nancy Katz 
Michele Perrault

Johanna O’Kelley

Joanne Fox-Przeworski, Ph.D.


·•  Thank you for your support.  •·