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Transforming the Marketplace. Transforming the Planet.

Transforming the planet--that sounds like a pretty ambitious goal. And it is. But we believe it's a goal that's within reach. We also believe we can't afford to strive for anything less.

What if we could shape the way products were made, marketed, used and disposed of, by influencing both supply and demand? Green Seal has the power to do just that.

By creating meaningful environmental standards- and awarding the Green Seal only to those products and services that live up to them--Green Seal helps companies prove their sustainability and gives shoppers a green "seal of approval" to look for.

But creating a dependable ecolabel is only part of what Green Seal can accomplish. Changing the purchasing behavior of individuals, corporations, and local, state and federal governments gives Green Seal the power to permanently transform the marketplace.

Reduced packaging and cleaner manufacturing processes mean reduced energy use, and that means fewer carbon emissions--the first step towards slowing global warming. It means thousands of products that use less natural resources. And thousands of companies sending less trash to landfills, and using less toxic substances.

A shift of that magnitude in the marketplace has the power to effect truly meaningful changes for our planet. With your help, we can make that change happen.
We've made enormous progress. But with your help, we could do so much more. Donations to Green Seal, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax deductible. More importantly, when you make a donation to Green Seal, you know your donations go directly to helping accelerate change.

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