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In-House & Virtual Interns

Fall 2015

Yimeng Yong

Yimeng is a graduate from American University, majoring in Strategic Communication.  As an international student with diverse cultural backgrounds, she is very sensitive to some social changes between different countries, especially in the aspect of environmental issues. She feels it is of great importance to the society development and wants to make contribution to this field. Before coming to the Green Seal, Yimeng has done some Public Relation works for other organizations. She would like to apply her experience to help Green Seal become more popular and cultivate her social media and digital marketing ability at the same time.

Summer 2015


Danielle Kaminski

Danielle is a graduating senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Geology. Growing up in Page, Arizona she was able to enjoy hiking amongst some of the most barren expanses and complicated rock formations in the United States. Being exposed to the Navajo culture as well as the great outdoors led to her appreciation of the natural world. Later she became the president of a student-run organization call Food Activists Revolutionizing Meals (F.A.R.M) and interned at the Universidad de Colima in Colima, Mexico to research the Carbon Dioxide flux of the Volcan de Colima.

Caroline Greissinger

Caroline is a rising senior at Clemson University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Sociology.  Since elementary school Caroline has enjoyed spending time outdoors playing sports, hiking, and enjoying the beach and lake that has lead to her interest in Green Seal.  Caroline looks forward to using social media as an information outlet to spread the mission that Green Seal is so passionate about.  Caroline is also looking forward to gaining knowledge in the marketing field as well as increasing her knowledge on sustainability through the summer internship program.

Grace Brosofsky

Grace is a junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and planning to obtain a graduate degree in environmental law. Her active interest in the environment began in high school when she conducted an experiment on natural herbicide solutions for the Google Science Fair that she later presented at the GLOBAL+5 conference of global governance. She employs her passion for sustainability at Georgia Tech through water treatment research and involvement in Engineers for a Sustainable World, the SGA Sustainability Committee, and other student organizations. When not at school, she loves to spend her time figure skating, playing board games with her family, hiking, playing piano, volunteering, and blogging about animal welfare.

Sabrina Lynne

Sabrina is a Junior at American University, working towards a BA in International Relations with a focus in Environmental Sustainability and Public Health. Before landing in DC, she was born and raised in New Mexico which is where her deep love and connection to the natural world began. Sabrina enjoys spending her time outside biking, hiking, and rock climbing. When she isn't out in nature she is working hard to protect it as an intern at Green Seal. Working in the Science & Standards department, Sabrina is helping to create life-cycle based sustainability standards in order to create a greener world. In her time with Green Seal she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of how the market can be a driving force behind sustainability.

Amanda Chao

Amanda is a graduate student at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California Santa Barbara. For her master’s project, she is working with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) on a forestry supply-chain mapping project, which will eventually be used by TSC to help industries achieve zero net deforestation.  Amanda received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Systems from the University of California, San Diego. During her time there, she researched the effects of pesticides on honeybees and their contribution to Colony Collapse Disorder.  She has also studied wildlife corridors in Banff National Park in Calgary, Canada, as well as participated in cheetah and leopard conservation research in Namibia. She is interested in consumer behavior, product transparency, sustainable product design, and eco-entrepreneurship.

Carli Kierstead

Carli graduated from the University of California San Diego in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Systems with a focus on Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution.  She spent almost two years conducting research on intertidal algal ecology and contributing to other projects such as the South Coast Marine Protected Area Implementation Project at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA.   Before applying to graduate school, she wants to develop a greater understanding of life-cycle based analysis and the implementation of sustainable business practices and as they contribute to a more responsible and environmentally cognizant society.  In her free time, Carli enjoys hiking, listening to live music, and animal interactions of all sorts.

Spring 2015

Allison Killius

Allison Killius is a graduate from Tulane University with a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is heading to school in fall 2015 to pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology. Allison spent a semester abroad in Costa Rica studying Tropical Biology where she was first introduced to deforestation and biodiversity loss. While at Tulane, worked in an animal behavior lab studying parental care in a tropical poison frog and spent the summer after graduation furthering this research in Bocas del Toro, Panama. At Green Seal, Allison worked in the Science & Standards Department where she conducted research on sustainability issues for paints and coatings, developed a report on sanitizers and disinfectants, supported stakeholder engagement, and provided analysis for issues regarding enzymatic cleaners. Read her post about her Green Seal internship experience on our blog.       

Winter 2015

Nathan Strauss

Nathan was an undergraduate senior pursuing a degree in Journalism and Environmental Studies at American University when he first started at Green Seal in the winter of 2015. Having always been fond of environmentalism and the outdoors, Nathan found himself drawn to AU’s commitments to sustainability. He plans to use journalism to communicate sustainability messages and promote action on significant environmental issues. In the past, he spent time as a research assistant at WASH Advocates, a nonprofit organization that works to promote clean water, sanitation and hygiene in the developing world. Read Nathan's post on Green Seal's blog to learn how companies can use social media to tout their sustainability leadership.

Fall 2014

Nana Marfo Ahenkorah
Nana is a recent graduate of Marymount University in Arlington, VA where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He originally came from Ghana as a student in 2010 and is looking to get a Master’s degree and become an entrepreneur in the not-too-distant future. He enjoys reading, television shows, history and is an avid fan of soccer and tennis. Nana has a keen interest in issues of sustainability, particularly in urban design and development and also a thriving ‘green’ entrepreneurship movement. At Green Seal, Nana hopes to learn how the organization’s standards and certification practices can encourage businesses to become a driving force in this movement for a more sustainable future.

Spring/Summer 2014

Allison Struss

Allison is currently an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, pursing a degree in Environmental Sciences, with certificates in Sustainable Energy Engineering and Environmental Studies. Her main focus with environmental work is consulting and green building practices. At Green Seal, Allison is researching how Green Seal products align with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, with the goal of understanding how Green Seal can better grow with LEED moving into the future. After interning with Green Seal, Allison intends to become a LEED Green Associate in December 2014 before graduating in May 2015. After graduation, she hopes to work in the environmental field and continue to improve sustainability practices in the workplace and beyond.


Mac Clevenger

Mac graduated from the George Washington University in May 2013 with a degree in History and a minor in Classical Studies. From an early age, Mac was instilled with a profound love of the outdoors,  enjoying activities like hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, and especially climbing the biggest mountains in the US with his Grandfather. It was this appreciation of the natural world and a desire to keep it pristine that spurred his interest in environmental sustainability. By working at Green Seal, Mac hopes to learn more about the development of Green Seal’s standards and how to motivate businesses and manufactures to get certified in order to create products and services that will be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Note: Mac joined Green Seal's Team as Client Services Associate in January 2015.


Talia Niederman

Talia is a rising junior at Brandeis University where she is majoring in Environmental Studies as well as International and Global Studies. She is currently the president of Brandeis’ Poverty Action Coalition. Talia is committed to ending the practices that exploit our natural resources as well as billions of people. She believes one of the best ways to do this is through educating consumers on the products they buy in addition to working with companies to better their practices. She is very excited to be working on these issues with Green Seal.


Lauren Skillen

Lauren is currently an undergraduate at the University of Florida. She is pursing a degree in Political Science and three minors in Sustainability Studies, Agriculture and Natural Resources Ethics and Policy, and Organic Crop Production. Lauren has had a strong interest in food for many years, which served as the catalyst for her interest in sustainability. She is also very passionate about labeling as a way to empower consumers to know the healthfulness and safety of their food and the products they buy. By working at Green Seal, Lauren hopes to gain experience in consumer advocacy through social media and online marketing. After Lauren graduates in December, she wants to either go to graduate school for Food Studies or work at a nonprofit organization that advocates for sustainable agriculture.


Molly Buxton

Molly is currently a senior at West Virginia University, obtaining a degree in Design Studies with a double minor in Business Administration and Sustainable Design, as well as a concentration in Natural Resources and Environmental Law. In March 2014, Molly became a LEED Green Associate, meaning she has an up-to-date understanding regarding all aspects of green buildings, including principles and practices. Molly’s love for sustainability, the environment, and the people within it started at a young age and has gradually grown into a passion. She hopes to expand upon this passion and her desire to “make it better” while at Green Seal by gaining more knowledge on the standards while promoting the certification of green products to create a happier, healthier consumer and an improved, more prosperous environment.


Sundara Bhandaram

Sundara is an undergraduate student at the University of California Irvine pursuing a degree in Earth System Science and a minor in Political Science. From an early age growing up in India she had an interest in water and consumer sustainability. She has a fondness for eco-friendly lifestyles. Her main area of interest is in consumer awareness and increasing sustainability in the public sector. At Green Seal she hopes to increase her advertising and communication skills and better understand the ecolabel market.


Keri Masterson

Keri graduated in May 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Finance from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.  She then worked for three and a half years as a Securitization Consultant at Deloitte & Touché, with clients such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, and Lehman Brothers.  Keri is currently enrolled in a Master of Science program in Sustainability Management at Columbia University to pursue her true passion for environmental issues and sustainability.  She also has an interest in energy efficiency, green building, and the clean technology sector.  This opportunity at Green Seal is an invaluable experience for a transitioning student, such as Keri, to learn more about eco-labeling on a broad scale, as well as its capacity to change behavior and promote green business practices.


Kate Crowley

Kate is a rising junior at Swarthmore College, majoring in Biology and Educational Studies. During the school year, Kate works as Educational Programs Assistant at the Scott Arboretum, volunteers as an EMT, and tutors students at a local STEM high school. This past winter break she completed a short externship at Green Seal through her school’s alumni program, and is very excited to return as an intern this summer. In her time at Green Seal, Kate is interested in understanding and exploring the most effective ways to disseminate scientific knowledge to the public.


Ruben Seenivasa Pillai

Ruben graduated from Harvard University in May 2013, with a degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management. His focus is on improving sustainability by managing economic, environmental and social risks created by economic activities. Ruben also earned a dual Master’s degree in management and supply chain from Escem Business School, France and Linnaeus University, Sweden. At Green Seal, Ruben's work focuses on identifying and understanding the characteristics that makes an eco-label effective in the market. Ruben hopes to learn about the mechanisms that determine whether businesses value sustainability or not.

  Valerie joined Green Seal as a rising junior at the Edmund Burke School, a local Washington DC high school. Valerie has always been extensively interested in science, especially science that concerns the natural world around her. Through this, she has been motivated and imbued with a strong sense of responsibility for the welfare of the environment. Valerie believes that all sectors of society, including businesses, must be held responsible for their effect on the environment. While at Green Seal, Valerie hopes to gain valuable working experience, and learn more about the field of sustainability and eco-labeling.

Winter 2013

"As a virtual intern with Green Seal I developed an understanding of the eco-label industry, gained experience in creating content for social media and marketing communications, and conducted research for a case study. I am impressed by Green Seal’s life-cycle based standards, its careful consideration of companies' challenges and the passion of its staff."- Kari Morales

Aaron Green

Aaron is a dual masters graduate attaining a M.B.A. with concentrations in Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Enterprise from Syracuse University as well as achieving a M.P.S. in Natural Resources Management from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Aaron received his B.A. from Vassar College in economics and political science. St Syracuse, Aaron led several consulting engagements focused on supply chain process improvement, sustainable business practices, and greenhouse gas inventory. Aaron enjoyed working with Green Seal and studying the market for sustainable products.

Kari Morales

After many years of working in the production of artisan baked goods and confections, Kari's interest in sustainability led her to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Business Management from Green Mountain College. This degree built on her BS in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut. Kari is especially interested in lifecycle analysis and the role of certification, benchmarking, and sustainability reporting in facilitating sustainability efforts. She has supplemented her formal education with an energy efficiency internship, and was excited to work with Green Seal on sustainability research and communication.

Celina Bridges

Celina studied at Syracuse University - pursuing a double major in Earth Science and Public Policy, with an environmental focus in both. She was introduced to the world of environmental activism in high school and has since been an active member in various organizations that strive to increase awareness and reduce human impact. She has also interned for a number of nonprofits in the Syracuse area that specialize in areas ranging from housing to education policy, including the Lead Hazard Reduction program of Onondaga County and the Friends of the Central Library.

Lisa Nash

Lisa Nash graduated from Tulane University in May 2013 with degrees in International Relations and Asian Studies. While living abroad in Beijing and experiencing the inevitable impacts of poor environmental policies, Lisa committed herself to a career in sustainability. Lisa developed skills in messaging while interning with a business magazine in Beijing, Agenda, and a grassroots environmental campaign organization in Maryland, The Chesapeake Climate Action Network. She also developed skills in social entrepreneurship and innovative waste management solutions through her work with the Green Project of New Orleans. Note: Lisa joined Green Seal's Team as an Administrative Assistant in February 2014.

GS Interns from past years include:
Olivia Booth, Catholic University of America
Sarah Freedman, University of Maryland
Ann Green, Uni. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jake Anderson, University of California, Irvine
Wei Xin, Smith College
Jen Crino, Boston College
Rivka Gross, Brandeis University
Kristin McGinnis, Marylhurst University
Kelsey Pauxtis-Thomas, Marylhurst University
  Linh Tran, Thunderbird School of Global Management
Steven Vinson, Texas A&M
Anne Milewski, The George Washington University
Laura Burt, Guilford College
Camilla Cooper, University of New Hampshire
 Lukas Lemes Silva, Universidade Mackenzie

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