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Click a category to find the names and company websites of Green Seal-certified products and services. Green Seal does not manufacture or sell these products and services. Please contact the listed company for product information.


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GS-34 Cleaning and Degreasing Agents
Blue Ocean Oil Supply (Pty) LtdBlue Ocean Wash
Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc. Prowash 256-C
Ipax AtlanticGreen Unikleen
Keteca USA, Inc. Water Works™ Blanket-Press Wash Cleaner Concentrate
Keteca USA, Inc. Water Works™ Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate
M.D. Stetson CompanyHD-32 Heavy Duty Degreaser
M.D. Stetson CompanyPC107 EP Heavy Duty Degreaser
Manchem (Pty) LtdBlue Ocean Wash
QualiChemMET-KLEEN 157
Safe-Tee Chemical CompanyGreen Bison Heavy Duty Degreaser
The ArmaKleen CompanyArmakleen Bio 24

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