Green Business
Green Seal has been working with businesses, institutions, and government agencies to achieve sustainability since 1989. Through standard development, certification, and partnerships with facilities managers and purchasers, we have helped to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of products and services.

Green Seal Certification

Green Seal certification provides a host of enduring benefits to your company and your customers.  We give you one-on-one attention throughout the certification process. Once you’ve earned the Green Seal, we provide ongoing marketing support –complimentary downloadable marketing materials and tools, personalized marketing consultation and assistance, talking points, webinars, and more –all designed to help you use the Green Seal to build brand equity and your customers’ trust.

Green Seal certification demonstrates your achievement of leadership standards that help sustain the natural world and protect human health.  As your partner in sustainability, we work with you to help you communicate the significance, importance, and value of that achievement to the customers, employees, and other stakeholders you serve. For more information click here.

Green Seal Standards

Our leadership standards for more sustainable products, services, and companies are based on life cycle research and are developed in a transparent, objective stakeholder-involved process. Green Seal standards provide specific criteria and guidelines for working toward sustainability and Green Seal certification. For more information click here.

Institutional Greening Programs

Many companies are looking for ways to improve human health and the environment. Green Seal, through our Institutional Greening Programs, provides assistance to companies in three key areas: Green Purchasing, Green Buildings Operation & Maintenance, and Green Mail.  Each project, and the cost of the technical assistance provided, is tailored to the specific needs of the organization.  For more information click here.

City of Los Angeles Green Business Program

Los Angeles Green Business Program is a partnership to increase sustainability among businesses in Los Angeles. Partners include the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Community College District, L.A. Tourism & Convention Board, Arts: Earth Partnership, L.A. Dept. of Cultural Affairs, and Green Seal. The Los Angeles Green Lodging Program is a part of the LA Green Business Program, and establishes a partnership between the City of L.A., L.A. Tourism & Convention Board, L.A. Better Buildings Challenge, L.A. Hotels Association, and Green Seal to encourage and promote sustainability certification of hotels in the area.

Promoting Your Green Seal Certification

Client Services Program
The Green Seal Client Services Program provides complimentary and fee-based tailored marketing support to clients with, or working toward, Green Seal certification. Support may include developing and review of marketing plan, sales and marketing strategies; review of client portfolio, packaging and collateral; assistance with the certification process; and identifying opportunities for improved use of the Green Seal mark.
Contact Mark Stanland, Vice President of Client Services, for more information.

Using the Green Seal to Promote Your Sustainable Business

certification logo The Green Seal Certified Mark
Only product and service providers that have completed the certification process have earned the right to use the Green Seal Certified Mark to promote their achievement.  Learn more about the rules that govern the use of the Certified Mark.
provider’s graphic Using Our Promotional Graphics
Companies that buy, sell, provide, or use Green Seal-certified products and services can promote their support with Green Seal Graphics. Learn more about using Promotional Graphics.

For access to the Promotional Graphics, please email our Marketing Team, and be sure to include the following: Your Name, Company Name, phone number, email, which GS-certified products/services you use, how you intend to use the graphics.


Green Seal’s leading science program includes life cycle research for products and services. Our goal is to identify life cycle priorities, identify ways to reduce environmental impacts, and ensure that all areas of the life cycle are considered.