Green Business

get certified

1. Preliminary Certification Request

  • First, review the applicable Green Seal Standard. Green Seal can only certify products and services that fall under the scope of our standards. In order to become certified, your product/service must meet the requirements in the standard. 
  • Next, complete the Preliminary Certification Request to begin the process. Once we receive the Preliminary Certification Request, Green Seal support staff will be better able to answer specific questions pertaining to your application.

2. Application Submission

  • If your product/service is within the scope of a Green Seal standard, Green Seal will send you: (1) the  Application for Certification and (2) a Confidentiality Agreement
  • To start the application process, you will submit TWO original signed documents of (1) the Application for Certification, (2) the Confidentiality Agreement, as well as payment of the evaluation fee. Green Seal will only accept original signed documents, not scanned or faxed copies. Please make checks payable to Green Seal, Inc. If applications are not signed or payment is not received, the application will not be processed.
    Mail Application, Confidentiality Agreement and payment to:

Green Seal, Inc.
Attn: Application Processing
1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 827
Washington, DC 20036-5525

  • Green Seal will countersign the Application for Certification and Confidentiality Agreement and send you an original copy for your files.

3. Evaluation

  • You will be contacted by a Project Manager to begin the evaluation process. 
  • The Project Manager will guide you through the data submission process. We’ll start with the materials you already have on hand related to your product(s) or service. As we go through the materials you will be notified what information/data, if any, is still needed. If you don’t have all the data, don’t panic! Green Seal can work with you and your suppliers to gather missing information. In many cases, a search of the literature, confidential dialogue with your raw material suppliers or exploration of newer data repositories (such as CleanGredients®) can turn up a missing endpoint.
  • The evaluation process typically takes several months, but more time may be needed if additional testing is required or if there are ingredient changes necessitated by the evaluation. Should a product or service fail to meet the requirements for certification, Green Seal will inform you of the reason(s). In most cases, companies are able to modify their original submissions in order to achieve certification. 

4. On-site Audit

  • When the evaluation is near completion, an Auditor will conduct the on-site audit of the manufacturing facility or service location. You will be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs, such as travel and accommodations in conjunction with the audit.
  • The Auditor will supply you with an audit report with any required corrective actions after the audit. Corrective actions noted during the on-site audit must be addressed within 120 days of receipt of the audit report.

5. Certification and On-going Monitoring

  • Once you meet the requirements of the Green Seal standard, certification is awarded and your company is granted license to use the Green Seal Certification Mark on pre-approved materials.
  • Green Seal’s Marketing and Communications staff can provide tools and resources to help you promote your accomplishment and help deliver the biggest return on your investment in credible third-party certification.
  • Periodic compliance monitoring is conducted to ensure products and services continue to meet the requirements of certification. The monitoring process involves a review similar to the initial certification evaluation. Monitoring fees are due every twelve months, no later than the anniversary of certification.