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green seal certification fees

Green Seal’s certification fees consist of an initial evaluation fee as well an annual compliance monitoring fee.

The initial evaluation fee is due at the time of your application. This fee covers Green Seal’s evaluation to verify that your product or service meets the applicable standard. Included in this evaluation is a review of the components of the product or service which may include formulas, packaging, procedures, policies, training materials, labels, marketing materials, and any other information covered under the respective Green Seal Standard.

The compliance monitoring fee is due annually on or before the anniversary of your initial certification date. Monitoring involves a review of the product or service and ancillary materials similar to the initial certification evaluation. Compliance monitoring fees include the review and the 12-month license to use the Green Seal Mark.

Additional out-of-pocket expenses could be incurred to complete certification. An example of these ancillary charges would be the travel expense for the on-site auditor.

Fees are listed with other relevant information and tools on the standard-specific pages. To find a fee schedule, click the link to the standard for your product or service: