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Environmental Media Association

About the EMA Green Seal Recognition Program

The EMA Green Seal program permits the Environmental Media
to simultaneously promote sustainable production methods and provide recognition to those in the entertainment industry who’ve made strides in incorporating such practices. The program includes film and television productions as well as award shows and galas.

Recognition Requirements

The Program’s criteria cover all facets of a production and provide a practical and comprehensive guide to environmentally responsible filmmaking and event planning. In each area of focus, the criteria include specific environmental actions in order to help producers focus their greening efforts. 
The EMA-Green Seal Program is designed to be flexible enough that any production can potentially qualify, regardless of budget or size. The Program is based on a self-assessment by the production company on how well it complies with the Program criteria developed by EMA and Green Seal.   

The Recognition Process

EMA Green Seal recognition is determined on a scale of 150 points and in addition to the mandatory requirements of the program, a minimum threshold of 35 points must be obtained in order to receive EMA Green Seal recognition.

About EMA

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1989 by Cindy and Alan Horn and Lyn and Norman Lear. EMA is dedicated to harnessing the power of celebrity and the media to promote sustainable lifestyles and believes through positive role modeling the entertainment community can inspire consumers to take action. The organization has grown into a diverse group of industry professionals from film, television and music dedicated to the mission of promoting environmental awareness through the entertainment business and the media.  EMA serves as a valuable link between the entertainment industry and the environmental community.