Green Business

Institutional Greening


Many companies are looking for ways to protect the health of their employees and reduce their environmental impact. In addition to our flagship programs (standard development and the certification of products and services) Green Seal offers assistance to companies in five key areas: 

  • Green Office Partnership
  • Green Businesses
  • Green Offices
  • Green Procurement
  • Green Buildings Operation & Maintenance
Each project, and the cost of the technical assistance, is customized to the specific needs of the company.

Green Office Partnership

The Green Office Partnership Program is designed to guide offices in the straightforward steps they can take to become more sustainable.  Click here for more information.

Green Businesses

Green Seal works with local governments and other organizations to assist in the development and implementation of green business certification programs that fit local needs and priorities. Click here for more information.

Green Procurement

We offer technical assistance for the development of Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing (EPP) policies and procedures. The assistance varies according to need, from helping organizations set priorities for their EPP plans, to developing comprehensive green purchasing manuals that include detailed product specifications. Click here for more information.

Green Building Operations & Maintenance

Green Seal has helped create tools that organizations need to establish green operations and maintenance programs for their buildings and facilities in an environmentally sound manner. Click here for more information.

Request Technical Assistance from Green Seal

If you are interested in receiving more information about our technical assistance options, please email