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Our sustainability standards for products, services, and companies are based on life-cycle research, and are developed in an open, transparent, and stakeholder-involved process. Green Seal standards provide criteria and guidelines for manufacturers, service providers, and companies to work toward sustainability and Green Seal certification. Green Seal has 33 issued standards that cover 400 product and service categories.


Building & Construction Products

WITHDRAWN - GS-47 Stains and Finishes (2015 - GS-11)

GS-47 is withdrawn.
In October 2015, GS-47 was merged with GS-11, which was renamed "GS-11, Standard for Paints, Coatings, Stains, and Sealers".

The Green Seal Standard for Stains and Finishes GS-47, establishes environmental, health, and performance requirements for stains and finishes. This standard is intended for products generally applied to metal and wood substrates. The standard includes sealers but does not include paints, floor polishes, specialty (industrial, marine, or automotive) coatings, or products sold in aerosol cans.

The standard includes product performance requirements and environmental and health requirements such as reduced use of hazardous substances and requires low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. The standard can serve as a tool to help companies begin to take action to improve their products and is available for Green Seal certification.