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Green Seal Standards

Our sustainability standards for products, services, and companies are based on life-cycle research, and are developed in an open, transparent, and stakeholder-involved process. Green Seal standards provide criteria and guidelines for manufacturers, service providers, and companies to work toward sustainability and Green Seal certification. Green Seal has 33 issued standards that cover 400 product and service categories.


Lighting & Control Products

WITHDRAWN - GC-12 Occupancy Sensors

The Standard for Occupancy Sensors, GC-12/GS-12, was withdrawn in November 2011, and Green Seal no longer offers certification to this standard.

The first edition of this standard was issued on February 14, 1997 as GC-12, and was renumbered as GS-12 in 2010. Green Seal withdrew the standard since it no longer represented leadership sustainability requirements for this product category. 

Some purchasers still specify GC-12. The withdrawn standard with its requirements can be downloaded here.

For an official letter stating that GC-12 has been withdrawn and that Green Seal is no longer offering certification to this standard, click here.

Daniel Pedersen, Ph.D., Vice President of Science and Standards