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Standard Development Stakeholder Registration and Online Forum Access

Green Seal uses an online forum to register stakeholders and collect comments on documents during the development of standards.

Registration of stakeholders is conducted during the public comment periods for each standard (i.e. scoping and proposed standard). Registration ends at the close of a Proposed Standard review period.

Registration is voluntary and open to any interested parties directly or materially affected by the standard, but registration is contingent on continued interest in the standard, demonstrated with adherence to the following:

  • Forum user name must be your name in the following format: first initial and complete last name (e.g., J Smith)
  • Use valid and updated contact information, including email, on the forum
  • Active participation in public commenting and review periods (i.e. scoping and proposed standard)
  • Participate in good faith and in a respectful and constructive manner
If any of these guidelines are not followed during the standard development project, your registration may be withdrawn.

To register as a stakeholder online forum, click here.

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