Green Business

ground rules for good faith and respectful and productive communication

Good Faith: 

All participants will be expected to participate in the process honestly and in good faith, according to the purpose of the group.


Be attentive to others. Try to understand other perspectives. Ask questions to clarify or understand positions or history. No side conversations during meetings.


Treat each other with courtesy and respect, focusing on issues, not individuals --no blaming, attacking or put downs-ever. All points of view and feelings are legitimate.


Speak only for yourself and distinguish between data, assumptions, judgments, feelings, and beliefs.
Disagreement: It's okay to disagree and disagree openly. Just do not be disagreeable. Try to offer constructive solutions that take into account others' interests.


Keep a sense or humor.


Be upfront about conflicts-of-interest and do not to characterize the position of any other participant in public statements or in discussions with the media. To the extent feasible, refer others to approved summaries for information.

Sources: These ground rules are a compilation of the Ground Rules from, the USDA (various meeting rules), the Chapters of Meeting Professionals International, and the UT Center for Clean Products.