Green Business

Appeals Process for Standard Development

Procedural appeals regarding the development of a standard can be made by an interested party or Registered Stakeholder that is affected by any action or inaction. Procedural appeals include whether a technical issue was afforded due process. Green Seal is not required to address appeals related to the mission, goals, and principles of the organization.

  • Complaint: A written request by the concerned party shall be emailed to the Standards Department ( within two weeks of the action, or inaction, objected to. An appeal must include standard name and the specific issues, citing any attempt to date for resolution.
  • Response: The Project Committee shall respond to the objector within 30 days, addressing the stated concerns and making reasonable attempts for resolution, in writing to the appellant, specifically addressing each allegation of fact in the complaint to the extent of the respondent's knowledge.
  • Appeals Panel: If resolution is not achieved through reasonable efforts or inactivity by the Standards Department, the written appeal and related documentation shall be forwarded to an Appeals Panel comprising three members of Green Seal’s Management Team, one of whom will be the VP of Science & Standards. The appellant must demonstrate adverse effects, improper actions, or inactions, and the efficacy of their requested actions. The Appeals Panel must respond to the complaint within 30 days, stating its conclusions. In the event that resolution is not achieved through reasonable efforts of the Appeals Panel, the matter will be referred to the President and CEO of Green Seal, whose decision will be final.