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GS-42 Revision

Green Seal revised GS-42 Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services in order to ensure that the requirements for certification are clear and appropriate. Edition 2.2 maintains the same level of leadership and protection, without making major changes or increasing the stringency of the criteria.

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Status of Project

  • Edition 2.2 of the standard was issued on May 15, 2015.

Project Information and Updates

Stakeholder and Public Comments

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Details of the Revision

The goals of our revision were as follows:

  • Ensure that the requirements are clear and equitable to all applicants, while upholding leadership and protection levels
  • Ensure that the criteria are defined adequately in order to minimize the need for interpretation
  • Modify requirements where necessary, so that they are practical to review and enforce
  • Reorganize the criteria to streamline the certification review process

The revision includes the following changes:

  • Reorganize the standard so that they better reflect how Cleaning Services organize their standard operating procedures
  • Relegate suggestions, explanations, and examples to footnotes.

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