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GS-45 Plastic Resin Film Bags Standard Development

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Status of Project (bolded text indicates current status)

  • Scoping of project open to public
  • Research and development of the Proposed Standard
  • Proposed Standard open for public review
  • Review and research of comments on Proposed Standard
  • Draft Final Standard open for stakeholder review
  • Review and research of comments on Draft Final Standard
  • Project complete, standard issued.

Currently Open for Review

There are currently no documents open for comment.

Commenting on documents open for review will be conducted through an on-line forum.

Project Information and Updates

GS-45 Project Initiation and Notification
May 2008 Project Update

Stakeholder and Public Comments

GS-45 Scoping Comments

Archives of Notices and Documents

GS-45 Press Release
GS-45 Scope Announcement and Stakeholder Invitation

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