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Development of New Standard

for Architectural Thermal Insulation Materials, GS-54

Status of Project: Standard Issued

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Stakeholder and Public Comment 

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Details of the Development

Green Seal developed a new Standard for Architectural Insulation Materials. Green Seal’s Standard Development Process:

  • Selected a category for developing a standard  ✓
  • Conducted initial research on the category 
  • Released "Scoping Document" for public comment ✓
  • Compiled and published initial comments
  • Develop and publish "Proposed Standard" for public comment (February — April 7) ✓
  • Compile comments and publish a "Response to Comments" ✓
  • Issue Standard for Architectural Insulation Products, GS-54  ✓

Green Seal is a nonprofit organization focused on increasing environmental sustainability through standard development, product certification, and public education. The intent of our standards is to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the manufacture, use, and disposal of products, to the extent that is technically and economically feasible.