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Standard Development for Environmental Innovation: Products, Services, Processes, and Technologies

The Green Seal Standard for Environmental Innovation is intended to verify that commercially available products, services, technologies, or processes provide significant overall benefits for human and environmental health compared to mainstream alternatives.

This verification is based on a multi-attribute evaluation of environmental aspects, which addresses both benefits and drawbacks across key life-cycle stages. Green Seal’s third-party recognition is intended for significant benefits that do not cause transference of environmental burdens to another life-cycle stage or environmental attribute, unless significant overall benefits are achieved in spite of this transference.

Green Seal believes that environmentally innovative approaches and breakthrough technologies are necessary in order to further our mission of increasing the sustainability of the economy; enabling necessary activities while improving human and environmental health. With credible, science-based verification of their benefits, environmental innovations can be easily identified and preferred over their alternatives.

Two types of recognition will be available from Green Seal under this standard:

  • Innovative initiatives may be granted Certification for Environmental Innovation.
  • Initiatives that are not considered innovative may receive a Validation (not Certification) of their specific environmental and human health benefits using the framework defined by this standard.
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Status of Project

  • The standard was issued on December 23, 2014.

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