Green Business

Using the Green Seal Certification Mark

certification logo Only product and service providers (distributors/retailers/cleaning services) that have completed the certification process have received the license to use the Green Seal Certification Mark. Companies use this Certification Mark to promote their sustainability leadership products and services, and to help purchasers easily find certified products. You might see this Mark on a brochure, a website, a business card, or a product label.

Products and services which are not Green Seal certified cannot use this graphic.

If you wish to use the Green Seal Certification Mark to promote Green Seal-certified products or services and you are not directly affiliated with the original product manufacturer or service company, you must obtain written permission to use the Green Seal Certification Mark from that company.


provider’s graphic Promotional Graphics
For Companies Selling, Using, or Distributing Green Seal-Certified Products

Companies that buy, sell, provide or use Green Seal-certified products and services can promote their support with these graphics.