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Use of the Green Seal Certification Mark

The Green Seal Certification Mark is a registered trademark and may only be used with the express written consent of Green Seal.

"Licensees" - product manufacturers and service providers that have been awarded certification - should refer to the applicable standard to learn how to use the Certification Mark on packaging, labels, websites, etc., and learn about the Basis of Certification Statement requirements. Licensees can approve for their marketing teams, distributors, and retailers to use the Certification Mark if they are promoting the certified product or service.

The Green Seal Certification mark is the heart of our organization - without strictly protecting its use the integrity of certification is jeopardized. As a certified product manufacturer or service provider who has worked hard to earn the Green Seal, we ask you to help us in protecting its use.

To download the mark, licensees are asked to create an account with our online forum. Access to the online forum can be provided by your Project Manager or by emailing

If you are a third-party, such as a design firm, you must follow the detailed instructions sent to the licensee (company applying for Green Seal certification) in order to gain access to the Green Seal Forum.

For additional questions about access to the online forum or downloading the marks, please email

To create an account with our online forum, for the username, please use your first initial and full last name (e.g., J Smith). To help verify the company you are with, please use your company email address when creating your account. In the Project or group field please select Marketing Materials, and complete the rest of the information. Then review the disclaimer and click Register. You should receive a welcome email from the Green Seal Forum within one business day. Once you sign into the forum, click the "home" tab near the top left-side of the page to access the logos.

 For answers on how and when to use the mark, please see Rules Governing the Use of the Mark or contact Green Seal by phone 202-872-6400 or by email