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Green Seal - Your Trusted Ecolabel

An ecolabel is a symbol or graphic on a label that demonstrates a certification by a third-party, government agency, trade-association, or manufacturer that a product is better for the environment than a conventional product.

What sets the Green Seal apart?

Green Seal is the original independent ecolabeling organization in the US. Since 1989 the Green Seal mark has identified products and services that perform well and have less impact on our health and environment and performs as well as expected.

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Attributes the Green Seal covers:

  • Reduced human and environmental toxicity
  • Prohibition of chemicals of concern
  • Reduced impacts from packaging
  • Reduced impacts from transportation
  • Reduced end-of-life impacts
  • Proven performance and efficacy
  • Clear and appropriate labeling, training and educational materials
  • Reduced impacts during manufacturing

Leadership accreditations and recognitions:

  • ANSI-accredited standards developer
  • Complies with ISO 14020 and 14024 (Principles of Environmental Labeling and Type-I Eco-labels)
  • Only US member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN)
  • Peer reviewed to conform to the GEN’s International Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENICES) requirements for ecolabels
  • Meets US EPA guidelines for third-party certifiers
  • Meets Consumer Union criteria for What Makes a Good Eco-label
  • Complies with FTC Green Guides for Environmental Marketing Claims
  • Achieved the highest rating by NRDC’s Label Look-up