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US EPPs Specify GS-Certified Products

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policies are tools that significantly help government purchasers make critical decisions. EPPs ensure that public resources are spent on healthier, safer, and environmentally responsible products and services. EPPs are presented in a range of formats including: an Executive Order announced by the Office of the Governor, a state law, a state department policy document, a support document or fact sheet for government purchasers, or a guide for visitors to the state looking for green initiatives. 

Below are links to EPPs that identify Green Seal as a trusted third-party certification organization, and recommend that purchasers prefer Green Seal-certified products.

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California Department of General Services - Specifications & Certifications, CA Department of General Services


EPP Policy, Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, Finance and Procurement, Green Purchasing

Recycled Products, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, Purchasing Green


Improving Air Quality by Reducing the Use of VOC Containing Products, Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection


Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy, Delaware Executive Department, Office of Management and Budget


Florida Climate Friendly Preferred Products List (Excel document), Florida Department of Management Services


Solid Waste Management Plan, State of Georgia


2011 Environmental Product Guide for Hawai'i

HRS 302A-1509, Environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products for use in public schools.


 2006 Pollution Prevention Champion, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality


Illinois government is going green flier

Executive Order for State Government "Green Activities" (2001-2011)

Recent Illinois Legislation Relating to Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing - Fact Sheet


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing in the Great Lakes Region: A Survey of State, Municipal and Institutional Programs


Executive Order Number 6, 2008


Purchasing Green Seminar PowerPoint Presentations, Green Team Kentucky, Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet


Governor Bobby Jindal Announces Executive Order on Environmentally Friendly Government, Office of the Governor, January 30, 2008

State of Louisiana Contract 408584, Cleaning Equipment, Effective through July 2013


Maine's Product Stewardship Programs, Waste Management, Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Final Restroom/Bathroom Chemical Cleaning and Disinfecting, Maine EPP Committee, July 2008

Maine State Housing Authority Green Building Standards, August, 2005


Executive Order: Sustaining Maryland's Future with Clean Power, Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency, March 13, 2001

Purchasing Guidelines for Selecting Environmentally Preferable Products, Section 9: Cleaning Supplies and Janitorial Services, Maryland Green Purchasing, Maryland Department of General Service


The Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Purchasing Program, administered by the Operational Services Division, works with the partnership support of the Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and Finance (ANF), the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Green Hotels, Massachusetts Vacation


Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Report, Minnesota Materials Management Division


Invitation to Bid, Division of Purchasing and Materials Management, Office of Administration, State of Missouri


A Guide for Green Purchasing in Montana, 2008,

State of Montana Invitation for Bid, Fish Wildlife and Parks Purchasing Unit 


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Information, State of Nevada Department of Administration, Purchasing Division

New Hampshire

EPP Criteria Used (Table), Environmentally Preferable Purchasing by Northeast States

Janitorial Chemical Cleaning Products and Training Services Request for Proposal, New Hampshire Department for Corrections

New Jersey

NJ Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, Executive Order 76, 2006

Green Purchasing, Division of Purchase and Property, Department of the Treasury

Executive Order #11, Governor Jon S. Corzine, 2006

New York

Green Purchasing, Green Resources on the Web, Procurement Services, Office of General Services, State of New York

North Dakota

Guidelines to Environmentally Preferable and Biobased Procurement, North Dakota State Board of Higher Education and the Office of Management & Budget State Procurement Office


FY 2013 Sustainability Plan, Office of Facilities Management

Oregon - coming soon.


EPP Guidelines, Green Procurement, Governors Green Government Council, 2007

Rhode Island

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing for Rhode Island State Agencies Report, 2009

South Carolina

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy, 2009,

Green Procurement Guide, Procurement Services, SC Budget and Control Board

South Dakota

Codified Law 5-18A-38, Environmentally preferable products, The Bureau of Administration, 2010


 Checklist for Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, Utah Department of Environmental Quality, 2011


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, Purchasing and Contract Administration, Buildings and General Services 


Cleaning Products, Green Purchasing, Department of Ecology

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