Green Governments And Non-Profits

current & completed projects

Federal Government

National Cooperative Highway Research Program
National Park Service
  • Developed a green purchasing manual, including specifications for custodial and janitorial care, landscaping and exotics control, HVAC and lighting systems.
U.S. Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Developed environmental standards for surface cleaners, degreasers, and adhesives.
  • Created a program to promote purchasing paints meeting Green Seal’s standard (GS-11) in local outlets.

State Governments

State of California
  • Conducted a year-long project with the Procurement Division to institutionalize green procurement, including priority-setting, developing criteria for and identifying products available in key categories, and coordinating agencies. 
  • Developed guidance documents on procurement, use, and end-of-life management of electronics products for the Department of General Services and CalEPA.
State of Colorado
  • Helped implement a new law for green purchasing by evaluating existing practices and providing training to multiple State agencies responsible for purchasing.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Assisted in evaluating cleaning chemical products submitted in bid for use by State for conformity to Green Seal’s standard, GS-37.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Helped incorporate green specifications in major purchasing bids for paints and cleaners.
  • Developed Pennsylvania Green Building Maintenance Manual for the Commonwealth for use in all State office buildings.  Pennsylvania Green Building Maintenance Manual.
  • Worked with the Commonwealth to certify approximately twenty-five Pennsylvania hotels in the state.

Local Governments

City of Chicago
  • Implemented a Green Hotels initiative that challenged hotels to obtain Green Seal certification. This proved to be a very successful program and Chicago now leads the country as the city with the most Green Seal-certified hotels.  Chicago's Green Hotels Initiative
Los Angeles County
  • Helped the County (which is the largest county in U.S.) implement a directive to institutionalize green purchasing by developing a comprehensive purchasing manual with over thirty green specifications and a five-year timetable for incorporating them into the County’s contracts.
City of Los Angeles
  • Green Business Program is a partnership to increase sustainability among businesses in Los Angeles. Partners include Mayor Villaraigosa’s office, LA Community College, LA Chamber of Commerce, LA Conventions & Visitors Bureau, Green Globe, and Green Seal.
  • Green Lodging Program is a partnership between the City of Los Angeles, Green Seal, and LA INC. to implement a program based on certification of area hotels to Green Seal’s GS-33 Standard for Lodging Properties.  Los Angeles Green Seal-certified Hotels
  • Currently working with Los Angeles to develop an action plan for the City to incorporate green purchasing based on evaluating existing practices and purchasing priorities.
City of Philadelphia
  • Developed specifications for bidding environmental custodial services for the City of Philadelphia for the Police Forensic Science Center. The City of Philadelphia requires that its buildings be cleaned to protect public health and to reduce environmental impacts.

Non-Profit and Other Organizations

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Developed an environmentally and socially responsible corporate procurement program for IDB. This included identifying product categories that represented possible opportunities for environmentally and socially preferable product standards and reviewing and analyzing cost, availability, and feasibility issues relating to these product categories. The project also included providing procedures, performing on-site testing, and developing reporting and tracking tools. In addition, conducted an environmental evaluation of the IDB headquarters facilities operation and maintenance activities.
Susquehanna Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SABVI)
  • Worked with SABVI to develop a green facilities action plan relating to reduced energy use, using less toxic cleaning and other products, and increase recycling and waste reduction. 
University of Miami
  • Conducted an assessment of three of the University of Miami campuses regarding the environmental aspects of their purchasing and facilities management.
World Bank
  • Conducted a study for the procurement department of the World Bank’s purchasing policies and procedures and the changes needed to incorporate sustainability criteria, focusing on key categories and immediate opportunities. In addition, Green Seal conducted an environmental evaluation of the World Bank headquarters facilities’ operation and maintenance.