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We're going paperless!

Green Seal is implementing an initiative to go paperless at various trade shows and events including Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference and Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. We are encouraging conference participants not to take our printed literature. This is an attempt to minimize Green Seal's footprint at such conferences. Instead, we encourage participants to take a photo of the literature or a photo of a special link - - that directs them to our website where they can download the literature.

Below is all of Green Seal's literature that relates to sustainability in schools. Click on the hyperlinks to download the documents.

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Promotional Graphics
Green Seal Standards for the Cleaning and Janitorial Industry
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Interested in greening your supply chain and operations?
Check out the benefits of certification to our various standards:

GS-1 Certification Summary - Sanitary Paper Products
GS-37 Certification Summary - Cleaning Products for Industrial & Institutional Use
GS-40 Certification Summary - Floor-Care Products for Industrial & Institutional Use
GS-41 Certification Summary - Hand Cleaners for Industrial & Institutional Use
GS-42 Certification Summary - Commercial & Institutional Cleaning Services
GS-42 Benefits of Certification Brochure
GS-42 Certification Explanation (in Spanish)
GS-51 Certification Summary - Laundry Care for Industrial & Institutional Use
GS-53 Certification Summary - Specialty Cleaning Products for Industrial & Institutional Use
GS-55 Certification Summary - Restaurants & Food Services

Thank you for going paperless and please reach out to with any questions!