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When you see the Green Seal on a product or service you know that it meets strict requirements designed to reduce its environmental and health impacts. And you can also rest assured that it works as well as you expect it to. Not all “green” products can make that promise—the Green Seal is a guarantee.

Where to Find the Green Seal

Click the links below and look for the retailers' list or shop online. If you can't find Green Seal-certified products near you, ask the store manager to stock them for you. Listening to consumer demand is the only way they'll stay in business.

Household Cleaners (Read the standard)

These cleaners contain no carcinogens, reproductive toxins or mutagens, among other toxic compounds. They are not toxic to aquatic life and are biodegradable. Animal testing is discouraged. The packaging contains post-consumer content and is recyclable or uses bags/pouches that reduce packaging.
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Specialty Cleaners (Read the standard)

Examples of specialty products include boat cleaning products; deck and outdoor furniture cleaning products cleaning products (automatic and hand); graffiti removers; metal cleaning products; motor vehicle (automotive/tire/wheel) cleaning products; motor vehicle windshield washing fluid; optical lens cleaning products; oven cleaning products; upholstery cleaning products; and other cleaning products sold for specific specialty uses.
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Laundry Care Products (Read the standard)

These laundry detergents and fabric care products are concentrated to reduce their environmental footprint, and save energy by performing well in cold water. They contain no carcinogens, reproductive toxins or mutagens, among other harmful chemicals. They are biodegradable, not toxic to aquatic life, use sustainable packaging, and meet strict volatile organic compound (VOC) limits to reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution.
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Cleaning Services (Read the standard)

Green Seal residential cleaning services offer a green cleaning program that protects human health and the environment. The tools and products used for cleaning, staff training and planning are all considered in order to reduce toxicity, waste, and exposure to both occupants and staff.
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Bath Soap and Shampoo (Read the standard)

These shampoos, conditioners, bar and liquid soaps and cleansers work as well as non-green products, but do not contain many of the hazardous chemicals normally found in such products, such as formaldehyde, phlalates and parabens to name a few. Air pollutants and ozone-depleting chemicals are prohibited and ingredients must be listed on the label. Additionally, the packaging has been reduced or contains post-consumer material. 
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Personal Care and Cosmetic Products (Read the Standard)

We have established a standard for skin and hair products that are intended to be left on the body.  This includes products such as hair styling aids, lotions, powders, sun block, insect repellant, and antiperspirant.
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Printing Paper (Read the standard)

These printing, writing and copy papers and envelopes were made without chlorine or contain at least 30 percent post-consumer materials. 
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Kitchen Papers (Read the standard)

These paper products used for food preparation such as coffee filters, baking cups and parchment, are made without chlorine and contain at least 30% post consumer fiber. 
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Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) (Read the standard)

These energy efficient lighting products are high quality, long lasting CFLs. They have very low mercury content and are lead-free. They are manufactured responsibly, packaging with recycled content, and offer free mechanisms for the recycling of used bulbs. 
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Paints, Coatings, Stains, and Sealers (Read the standard)

These architectural coatings meet strict volatile organic compound (VOC) limits to reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution. They do not contain harmful chemicals, including heavy metals, certain phthalates, formaldehyde donors, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, triclosan, hazardous air pollutants, and ozone depleting compounds. The architectural coatings meet performance requirements, and the labels instruct users on how to properly recycle or dispose of leftover paint.
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Recycled Latex Paint  (Read the standard)

These paints are made of 95% post-consumer recycled consolidated content or 50% post-consumer recycled content reprocessed paint. These paints meet strict VOC and aromatic compound limits and do not contain 25 specified toxic chemicals. They meet performance requirements and the packaging must contain recycled content.
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