Resolutions for a Sustainable World

Ring in 2016 with our thoughtful list of New Year’s resolutions dedicated to more sustainable behavior. The list offers effective changes you can make every day– so pick your favorite and share it among your networks!

  1. Reduce & eliminate disposables
  2. Buy local or sustainable food
  3. Eat less meat
  4. Compost
  5. Minimize your energy use
  6. Celebrate at green hotels & restaurants
  7. Plant native plants
  8. Create a green team
  9. Go outside & play
  10. Share your resolution for a sustainable world

Share the list:

  • Email the list by around to friends, family, and coworkers so they can pick their favorite.
  • Post the list and your resolution for a sustainable world on Facebook.
  • Head over to our Facebook page throughout this week as we delve deeper into the topics.

The Green Seal team is proud to work with you to encourage the spread of sustainable behaviors and practices. We hope 2016 will be a happy, productive, and sustainable year for you.