The meat industry represents a large impact across many environmental issues including deforestation, water, and greenhouse gases. Eat vegetarian twice a week. Reduce beef in your diet. Opt for a less resource-intensive meat like pork or poultry.

According to Waterfootprint.org, it takes up to 5,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, and only 244 gallons to produce a pound of tofu. Similar research found that the lifecycle of producing a single kilogram of beef emits 9x more kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents than potatoes, 11x more than nuts, and 13x more than tofu.

4. Compost

Composting diverts waste from landfills while simultaneously turning organic waste into a resource—homemade fertilizer. Landfilling organic waste creates large amounts of methane— a greenhouse gas even more potent than CO2.

Use a compost bin at home to avoid putting organic waste in the trash. Patronize restaurants that dispose of their food waste sustainably.