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Mail Supply Chain Best Practices Guide & Self-Assessment Survey

In July 2010, Green Seal announced the Green Seal Mail Partnership Program to assist in greening the mailing industry and promote environmental stewardship throughout the mail supply chain. The Partnership Program was developed with input from the U.S. Postal Service, mail industry experts, and stakeholders representing suppliers, retailers, non-profits, and other agencies and organizations.

Based on its experience with the pilot program, and with the goal of disseminating the program as widely as possible, Green Seal has decided to transform the Mail Partnership Program into an online resource to help all businesses involved in the mail industry to green their practices. There are two online tools available, a Best Practices Guide and a Self-Assessment Survey which can be taken using the interactive tool, or the non-interactive questionnaire:

Together, these tools will help organizations conduct a baseline assessment and develop goals and an action plan for environmental improvement.

If you have any questions about these resources, please contact Green Seal at or call (202) 872-6400.