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A Green Seal Webinar:

Asthma in Schools - Prevention Through Greener Cleaning

Watch the video recording: Youtube Video (51 mins) 
Download: Presentation - PowerPoint Slides (47 pages)

September 1, 2015  2:00 PM ET

Webinar Panelists:

Alicia Stevens
Health Assessor for the Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Project
CDC / Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Division of Health Assessment and Consultation

Alicia's Webinar Topics:
  • A primer on the connection between indoor air quality and asthma
  • A physiological summary of how indoor air pollution can trigger asthma
  • The differences in risk for students, teachers and staff, and cleaning team

Debbie Shrem

Cleaning for Asthma Safe Schools (CLASS)
California Department of Public Health

Debbie's Webinar Topics:
  • How cleaning products and procedures can affect asthma in schools
  • Common asthma-prevention challenges in schools
  • Lessons learned and success stories
  • Resources on certified green products
Kimberly Thomas
Executive Director, Plant Services & Custodial Operations
Clarke County School District, Georgia

Kimberly's Webinar Topics:
  • The initiative and transition into Green Cleaning at Clarke County Schools
  • Improvements from Green Cleaning
  • Advice for school administrators
  • Notes on certified products