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Click a category to find the names and company websites of Green Seal-certified products and services. Green Seal does not manufacture or sell these products and services. Please contact the listed company for product information.

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Household Products (GS-8, GS-48)

Construction Materials & Equipment (GS-13, GS-31, GS-36, GS-54)

Paints & Coatings (GS-11, GS-43)

Printing & Writing Paper (GS-7, GS-10, GS-15)

Paper Towels, Napkins & Tissue Paper (GS-1)

Food Packaging (GS-18, GS-35)

Institutional Cleaning Products (GS-34, GS-37, GS-40, GS-51, GS-53)

Hand Soaps & Cleaners (GS-41)

Cleaning Services (GS-42 & GS-49)

Hotels & Lodging Properties (GS-33)

Personal Care Products (GS-50)

Restaurants & Food Services (GS-55)

Environmental Innovation