Bloomberg Radio Interview- Arthur Weissman's Book

LN Headshot2By Lisa Nash, Green Seal Administrative Assistant

I am the video creator of the recent Youtube video (below) that accompanies a Bloomberg Radio interview of Green Seal’s President and CEO, Arthur Weissman, as he discusses his new book In the Light of Humane Nature. I am also the manager of In the Light of Humane Nature’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, so I enjoy engaging with the book on different levels. [youtube] THE POWER OF THE ANECDOTE A unique characteristic of In the Light of Humane Nature is its frequent use of light anecdotes to illustrate profound philosophical topics. These anecdotes, which typically take the form of a footnote, transform the book into an engaging conversation. Whether it is a brief explanation of the pro’s and con’s of GMO’s or an ode to a Native American sustainable practice, Arthur weaves in little nods to larger discussions within the environmental movements. My intention with the video images for the interview was to make the Bloomberg Interview true to In the Light of Humane Nature’s engaging characteristic by filling the video with rich references and ideas.

HighLine Compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) against a green background

  Two of my favorite visual references in the video are the High line and LED lighting. The High Line makes an appearance in the video just as Arthur says, “we need to see that our environment is us, that we are all part of it, and show that in our values as well”. The High Line, which is an old freight rail line converted into a public park in New York City, does a beautiful job of integrating nature into its design. The decision to convert the old space into a park is also a great example of incorporating nature into our values and, ultimately, actions. The next reference is LED lighting. This reference occurs when Arthur and Bloomberg Radio’s Carol Massar discuss the “cost issue” and Arthur alludes to green products who have transformed the market so that their costs are on par with conventional ones. During this dialogue, I show an LED light bulb because LED light bulbs are a widely accepted example of transformational green products. The “cost issue” is something that is typically brought up in reference to green products; however, LED light bulbs are the perfect counter argument.