A Gracious Message from Marvin Klein of PortionPac

Marvin Klein - Chairman at PortionPac Chemical Corporation - has been a committed Green Seal supporter and environmental leader for many years. In support of our 25th Anniversary this month, Mr. Klein released this gracious message in the periodic newsletter - The Connection. Check out today's newsletter below, and consider subscribing.
Green Seal™ Celebrates 25 Years  of Service to our Nation
It is always interesting to look back and see how our industry has grown and improved, and this month the 25th anniversary of Green Seal is a great opportunity to do so. I have been in our industry since 1956 and watched the battles to make cleaning materials safer for the people who use them, more effective for the facilities they maintained and less harmful to our environment. Needless to say, progress was very slow. All cleaning product manufacturers are proud of their formulations and equipment so there was a natural resistance to any outside agency whose role was evaluation and certification. I remember similar concerns over regulatory standards on electrical maintenance equipment by Underwriters Laboratories. So when Green Seal was formed in 1989, I knew it would be a difficult journey for them to influence an industry that was not ready to accept change. Well, to my amazement, founder Rena Shulsky David and a few determined Green Seal leaders fought through the opposition of the industry and survived. It was not easy, and even when PortionPac joined the program in 2005, it was only a few visionaries fighting for sensible control of cleaning products. Now, when I look at the dozens of manufacturers, cities and organizations that have joined the Green Seal Movement and the areas that they have expanded to, from cleaning formulations to cosmetics, public facilities such as hotels and restaurants to urban projects, it is an unbelievable accomplishment. I don't believe any of us can estimate how many millions of people have benefited from Green Seal's vision and leadership. Certainly if you are a Janitor, Housekeeper or Cleaning Worker your health has been protected. And as for the rest of us...the millions that use the homes, schools, hospitals, industrial plants and stores that they clean, Green Seal's impact on our health, performance and enjoyment cannot be overemphasized. So today, we salute their leader Arthur Weissman and the amazing Green Seal staff for their creativeness, hard work and courage that have helped our entire industry become more effective, sustainable and professional. Happy 25th and best wishes for many decades of expanded success in fulfilling the Green Seal Dream. logo_footer1
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