Standard Revision in Progress:

Green Seal is revising the requirements for microbial-based cleaning products, located in Annex F of this standard. Details on the proposed revision to this standard can be found on the Standard Revisions page.

GS-51 specifies performance requirements and environmental and health requirements for commercial laundry care products, such as concentration, reduced toxicity, biodegradability, and reduced and recyclable packaging. Companies can use GS-51 to guide their product development, and are invited to apply for Green Seal certification. This standard covers products and multi-component systems for laundry and dry cleaning in industrial and institutional settings, including:

  • laundry detergent and prewash products
  • stain and spot removers
  • fabric refreshers and softeners
  • laundry additives (bleaches, softeners, sours, antichlor, and alkali boosters)
  • anti-static and anti-wrinkle products
  • laundry starch/sizing/fabric finish
  • combination products that may serve several of these functions

A subset of these product categories includes biobased products, and those containing enzymes and microorganisms. A comprehensive list of the product categories included in or excluded from GS-51 can be found in Appendix 1 of the standard.

Latest version: Edition 1.6, April 8, 2020

Recent Changes: GS-51 underwent corrections and/or clarifications and was re-published on July 30, 2021. For details on the non-substantive changes made to this standard, please see the Standard Documents Library

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