GS-55 provides the food industry with a leadership-level benchmark for protection of environmental and human health.

The requirements address the significant impacts of food services:

  • sustainably-sourced food (options are local and environmentally preferable)
  • waste minimization
  • use of environmentally-preferable products
  • and conservation of energy and water

The scope of this standard includes full-service, limited-service, catering, takeout, food service operations supporting the main activities of larger establishments (e.g., schools and hospitals). It does not cover bars, vending machines, grocery stores, or convenience stores.

GS-55 is based on the successful Pilot Standard for Sustainable Chicago Restaurants and Food Services, developed with University of Chicago’s Green Restaurant Research Team and the Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition.

Latest version: Edition 1.0, March 12, 2014

Recent Changes: GS-55 underwent corrections and/or clarifications and was re-published on April 30, 2021. For details on the non-substantive changes made to this standard, please see the Standard Documents Library.  

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