Sanitary Paper Products (GS-1), 2019

Status of Project

Revision Summary

  • Green Seal has removed unintentional barriers to certification for leadership products
  • Certification to this standard is now more feasible for leadership products
  • Green Seal has expanded the number of alternative compliance pathways—while maintaining the same level of stringency
  • Green Seal has improved the readability of the standard

Revision Details

Substantive changes were made to the following sections in the GS-1 Standard:

  • Product-Specific Performance Requirements
  • Product-Specific Sustainability Requirements
    • Fiber Requirements
    • Biodegradability
  • Manufacturing Sustainability Requirements
    • Manufacturing and Converting: Reporting
    • Manufacturing and Converting: Water and Energy Use Requirements
  • Packaging Sustainability Requirements
  • Certification and Labeling Requirements

An important clarification was made to the following section in the GS-1 Standard:

  • Product-Specific Sustainability Requirements
    • Material Processing: Chlorine Free

Final Documents

Revision Proposal — Published November 2017, Partially Withdrawn in April 2018: